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Christie Perfetti Williams

Official Website of Award Winning Writer 

& Producing Artistic Director of NYC-based

Carnival Girls Productions

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Bettye and the Jockettes Spinning Records at the Holiday Inn

May 3 - 18, 2024 
The Gene Frankel Theatre, NYC

It’s July 3, 1956 and the jockettes of WHER, America’s first all-girl radio station in Memphis, Tennessee, are having one hell of a day; the copywriter has run off to elope, they have just found out that the Elvis Presley is coming to the station to be interviewed on-air, and their star DJ Bettye has shown up… in pants. When Elvis’ record promoter arrives and is none other than Bettye’s former flame Benjamin, sarcastic zingers fly, sisterhoods are forged, and secrets are exposed.

Written by Christie Perfetti Williams

Directed by Sara Thigpen

Produced by Retro Productions

Tickets on sale now!

Current Projects: Latest Work

Bridge Street Run is Back, Baby!

Fall 2024, NYC

Carnival Girls Productions' fan-favorite short play festival returns to NYC this fall. Featuring new work by Christie Perfetti Williams, and produced by Perfetti Williams and longtime collaborator, Charmaine Broad, this event not to be missed.

All the carnilicious details coming soon!

Cocktail in Bar
Current Projects: Latest Work
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Book Release in 2024

A strange virus sweeps over the planet, and only the kids survive. 100 years later, it's up to the misfit magic of the Carny Girls to decode the riddle of the mysterious hidden hearts, snap the spell of broken time & maneuver the dangerous maze back to their homeland of Coney Island before their powers are stolen forever!

Written by Christie Perfetti Williams

The first book in the Carny On, Carny Girl series to be released soon. Stay tuned for parties, signings & announcements! 

Current Projects: Latest Work
Current Projects: Contact
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