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Writing Awards

2014 New York Innovative Theatre Awards nominee, Best of the Fest Girl Play 2010 Lesbian PlayReading Festival, Finalist Fusion Theatre 2009 Playwriting Festival, Oswego Players Playwriting Competition Winner 2008, H. Helena Zachos Prize, Class of 1905 Prize in Poetry, Catherine B. DePau Prize, Phoenix Literary Society Prize and Helen Gertrude Dean Award


The Werewolf of Washington Heights

"First, The Werewolf of Washington Heights is much more than a Halloween thriller, hitting chillingly close to home. And second, it will confront you with the consequences of apathy, and our human resilience to, if not prevent those consequences, withstand them." Derek Schwabe,

"The Werewolf of Washington Heights examines the effects of such fear on the nation, but especially on the nation's women, who have additional reasons to fear, and thus more obstacles to overcome, yet, nevertheless, persist." - Leah Richards and John Ziegler, CultureCatch

"Women Fighting Back, In Many Glorious Ways...After the play ended, and I pulled my jaw back up off the floor, I resolved not to tell anyone who hasn’t seen the show what transpired. I can, however, offer an inscrutable riddle. If a young woman is prone to rebel against her mother, and she has two very different mothers, amidst a deteriorating society, what might she be likely to do next?" Ed Malin,

An Appeal to the Woman of the House

"...the show is chock-full of characters with different motives and fears — enough to make its audience wonder what will happen next and why...Playwright Christie Perfetti Williams keeps the action within the Walkers’ tidy and modest living room, and she depicts the marriage between Gideon and Rose as a genuine partnership unlimited by gender lines."

– Christine Cali,

"Retro Productions excels yet again with this play, only their second production of new work... This is a beautiful story..."

– Ed Malin,

"The lovely thing about Christie’s plays is that they’re all about people. The choices they make, the relationships they build, how they grow and change, or perhaps even how they remain the same...All in all, this is a wonderfully heartfelt play from a very talented group of people. If you come into the play with only a slight knowledge of these brave freedom fighters, you will definitely leave the theatre inspired to read up on this fascinating part of the Civil Rights Movement."

- Quick Theatre

Look for the Woman

"Look For The Woman by Christie Perfetti Williams, with fine direction by Matilda Szydagis, skillfully elevates and exalts the slice of life drama and generously presents a thoughtful and moving evening of theatre.....(I) judge this one to be excellent!"

-, Jay Reisberg, March 18, 2012

No-Fault: A tale about the Big D in the Big Apple

"Absolutely love it! Both intriguing and highly entertaining. A great ensemble cast!"


"Perfetti’s writing is witty and assured, seeking to get to the heart of things in a well-worn narrative arc that could have easily veered too far into overwrought cliché… The intimate setting of Asylum Lab is an excellent venue for this type of work, helping Perfetti’s words to truly hit home." -, Jesse Kapp, December 7, 2011

"It is no wonder this show was voted "Best of Fringe" in the NYC…The story, written by Christie Perfetti Williams and directed by Stefan Lysenko takes the audience on a high-powered, non-stop trip filled with an excellent ensemble of actors who more than support the work of the lead actress, Stefany Northcutt…This play will inspire you to never give up hope, no matter how bleak things may seem. No Fault: The Big 'D' in the Big Apple is simply a must see!" -, Skip2MyLou, December 5, 2011

“The writing of Christie Perfetti Williams is fluid and insightful while mixed with truth and symbolism.”

– Tolucan Times, Trish Ostroski, October 19, 2011

"In the central role of the Woman is Matilda Szydagis, who projects empathy and intelligence.....this is an enjoyable play, with engaging performances, directed with energy and verve by Bryn Boice. I'd be excited to see another work by Perfetti......"

-, Martin Denton, August 23, 2011

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