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Celebrating 20 years of NYC-based indie art, Carnival Girls Productions remains steadfast in our decades-long commitment of producing work by and about women. Founded in 2004 by Christie Perfetti Williams, Carnival Girls’ history includes 14 original plays, 4 short play festivals, 3 galas, 2 film fests,

a virtual showcase, a staged film reading, a book series and several charity events.

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Carnival Girls Productions: About

The Carny Girl Tenets

  • We believe women should be as interesting and diverse on stage and in film as we are in real life.

  • We believe female artists of all disciplines should be encouraged, supported and championed.

  • We believe our audience is smart and hungry and if we build it, they will come.

  • We believe in bearing witness and raising our voices.

  • We believe we are the ones to write the story of our own lives, history and future.

  • We believe in lifting each other up.

  • We believe in sisterhood, motherhood and humanity.

  • We believe the time is now.

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Carnival Girls Productions: Welcome
Carnival Girls Productions: Text
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